Jeffre Jackson

October 31st, 2012

After three years of programming computers on Wall Street and five years in a doctoral psychology program, Jeffre felt qualified to work in advertising. He joined BBDO as a creative intern only to be told by a senior copywriter, “If you listen to what consumers say, you’ll never write a good ad.” Never one to ignore sound advice, he walked around the corner to Goodby Silverstein and Partners and presented himself as a junior planner. There he worked on accounts including Isuzu, Foster Farms, Sutter Home and Haggar and was bitten by a small child in Texas for Sega. Later he joined Wieden & Kennedy in Amsterdam and became the Planning Director, and he was no longer bitten while working. He is now freelancing and looking for a way to make research more creatively generative. Check out his blog



  1. To err is to be human
    To forgive is too divine
    I was like an industry
    Depressed and in decline

    Paul Julian Strohmeyer “Jacques Derrida”

  2. I absolutely agree. Great!

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