Laurence Parkes

January 25th, 2012

Laurence is the Strategy Director at AKQA Amsterdam. He describes his role as the person who makes sure to ask questions, because too often basic questions simply aren’t asked in the rush to “do something digital”.

Coming from a traditional advertising background, he transitioned to digital strategy five years ago. And he enjoys it for allowing him to help shape integrated campaigns that can have a direct effect on a brand’s business.

Previously he’s worked in a handful of acrynom-named agencies, including WCRS, AMV BBDO, BMP DDB and BBH. He’s also been awarded 2 IPA Effectiveness Awards (for Marmite in 2002 and Transport for London in 2009).

In partnership with Mathew Palmer, Laurence has kindly shared an extremely helpful guide in progressing as a planner. Find it here in three stages.


  1. Thank you Laurence.

    I really did not want this talk to end, your insight fueled my confidence.

    There´s a great line where you talk about marketing objectives being above the brief that made the role of planning a lot more clear to me.

    Great energy.

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