Year One: Thank You!

December 17th, 2012

December marks year one for Junior Strategy and we have each of you to thank for that. When we started this project we had no idea what to expect, and a year later we’re completely humbled by what we’ve been able to build with the help of the global community. This project runs on generosity, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

To our Insiders, you’ve been incredibly brave! From inviting us into your homes and agencies, to allowing us to film and edit your personal stories for the world. It was our goal to create a website that offered mentorship to the young strategists in our profession and you’ve made that happen.

To our contributors, wow! This absolutely would not be possible without your help! Whether you’ve helped once or every week, you’ve inspired us to keep going. With your help and dedication, we’ve been able to feature Insiders from three different continents and counting!

To everyone who encouraged us to keep going or simply get started, thank you! We’ve been lucky to have your support. Whether it’s office hours, space, equipment or promoting the site to the strategy community, you’ve given us the tools to make this happen.

And to our audience, thank you for coming back again and again! We’ve loved your comments, tweets, and emails. We hope that the site can offer you even more content next year and that you’ll continue to reach out to the Junior Strategy community.

As 2013 approaches, we’re excited to share that the project is growing. Next year you can expect new features and content on the site. We’re also extremely happy to announce that our contributors are growing in numbers with hubs popping up in major cities around the globe. So stay posted as there will be many new ways to get involved with the project and we hope you do!

We started this project with a few simple goals in mind: better understand our industry, share what we learn with the world and have fun bringing an idea to life. We’re thankful that Junior Strategy has not only served as a creative outlet for us, but as an opportunity to learn what it takes to work in a partnership and build a team.

We could not have done it without you!

Ashly + Ben

PS. We’ve got a few fantastic Insiders from 2012 that we’ve yet to get on the site, but we promise that you’ll see them in 2013. Check back soon!


  1. Guys! Thanks so much for a business that you are doing! You’re big rock!

  2. Thank YOU guys! Really inspiring, the work that you do.
    Like the thank you compilation that you made! What music did you use?

  3. Huge thank you to you all. Couldn’t have made it without you.

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